MERCED™ is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI), application development, and database security system designed to enhance the functionality and security of existing systems and applications.

MERCED™ integrates seamlessly into your existing EDC® or third-party systems, using advanced AI algorithms to analyze data, identify trends, and provide actionable insights. It also offers robust application development capabilities and top-tier database security features to help protect your data and streamline your operations.

MERCED™ is not merely an AI solution; it is a comprehensive software development and/or production environment that encompasses all aspects of database functionality, user interface, and AI-assisted logic scripting.

Additionally, MERCED™ prioritizes the security and privacy of data, ensuring that sensitive information is protected throughout the development and implementation process. With MERCED™, your data stays with you.

No. Our MERCED™ AI systems are entirely hosted within our data center or your premises. There is no data leakage over the Internet.

MERCED™ is specifically engineered for business users and industries where data privacy and security are essential, as mandated by law, contractual obligations, or good business practices. Unlike other AI platforms, MERCED™ does not require sending your data to external third-party providers for processing. This approach ensures that your business data remains confidential and is not made publicly available. Moreover, MERCED™ is designed to learn from your business data, enabling it to deliver precise reporting and valuable insights into your organization's operations.

MERCED™ has been developed using fine-tuned and modified open-source systems and standard operating systems, in addition to utilizing common programming languages. Currently our team is focused on creating industry-specific models for sectors such as moving and storage, healthcare, technology, home services, and others.

MERCED™ is trained exclusively on your data for your company use only.

MERCED™ is being gradually introduced in the upcoming weeks. Initially, our customers will experience its integration in their EDC® product solutions and communications with EDC®. Subsequently, we will make MERCED™ available as a separate, market-neutral offering.