MERCED™, is a software creation and delivery system, as well as an AI technology platform. It also provides a range of business and tech tools for both layperson and technologist, including AI for business – true tech with a purpose, and is the brainchild of the team at Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®), a longtime tech and software solutions company headquartered out of the Northern Virginia area.

Here at EDC®, we’re known for secure, personalized, and flexible solutions. Everything we do begins as TECHNOLOGY WITH A PURPOSE, to meet the needs of varied users, industries, markets, and applications – all with the purpose of empowering you to achieve your needed outcomes.

We’re a 23-year technology company, serving a variety of industries and users. We innovate and create flexible solutions and tool kits, offering a variety of ways to connect and put these tech tools to work for you. Our solutions serve industries as varied as Healthcare, Relocation & Mobility, Technology, Home Services, Moving & Storage, and more.

We’re proud to have been honored as Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) Tech100 Executive AND Tech100 Company honorees, Supplier Summit Award winner for the American Trucking Association Moving & Storage Conference, in addition to other recognition and service within the communities that we serve.

We help companies to simplify, streamline, and connect with customers, service partners, and internal clients, contributing to greater business outcomes for our customers and their clients .

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